My #1 Tip for Staying Gluten & Dairy Free

Staying on track when it comes to my eating has been one one of the best things I've done for my autoimmune disease!! But it's not always easy.

In the beginning it was easier to pack a lunch than to try to be quick on my feet trying to figure out what I can eat. This helps me stay away from gluten and diary and some of the other foods that can cause my body inflammation.

In my autoimmune class that launches next Monday, I have a whole section dedicated to nutrition! We talk about the seven foods known to cause inflammation and the benefits and types of elimination diets! Stay tuned for how to receive 50% off during my prelaunch!

Healthy Grocery Shopping without Breaking the Bank

We have all heard to shop the perimeters of the grocery store. This is where you will find the healthier options. But let's be honest, sometimes that can be a little damaging on your pocket book. Here are some ways we buy healthy food without breaking the bank.


Everything and the Kitchen Sink Protein Balls

At Beaches and Cream at Disney's Beach Club Resort you can get an ice cream called the Kitchen Sink. I looked it up and it has 28 ingredients in it!!! 28!!!! Have you ever had an ice cream dish with that many ingredients in it? 

Well, this protein ball recipe is along the same line. 3 base ingredients and then you can added everything and the kitchen sink to it if you want! Want a protein ball with 28 ingredients?? Go for it!!

30 Days of Red- 11 Days in!!

Well, I'm officially 11 days into my 30 days of Red Challenge (expect for that one day when I totally forgot, so I guess I'm really 10 days in). 

Here are some things I've noticed: