Young Living September Promos!!!

Why wait until 2021 to set new goals? Fall is here, so let’s start something new!

DIY Carpet Freshener

Most carpet fresheners have overpowering scents and chemicals- and who really wants to lay, play, workout on that. {Not Me!}
DIY Carpet Freshener is a great way to save money and help rid your home of chemicals!

DIY Refresh Wipes

Summer is here! How many of you break into a sweat just going from the house to the car? Don't tell me its just me! 

Here is an easy recipe for DIY Refresh Wipes. Keep these in your purse,  your pool or gym bag for quick pampering! Read to the end to see my budget break down! 

Passport to Beauty

If you know me, you know I LOVE Young Livings beauty products! I've said it often that if Young Living stopped selling oils, I'd still buy from them because I love their face care system that much!

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