From Surviving to Thriving

Flourishing in the Face of Autoimmune Disease
My story isn’t different. It’s the same as hundreds of other women with autoimmune disease. But where mine takes a turn, is when I got fed up with the typical answers that I was receiving, and I decided to take an active role in my heath. Let me tell you how it all started.

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GF/DF Sausage Balls

Earlier this year, my friend did a "Some Bunny is Turing One" brunch for her daughter. She made the most amazing cream cheese sausage balls and ever since, I've been on the lookout for a good gluten and dairy free recipe. 

I've tried different ones over the past six months- sticking to the recipe, mixing and matching, doing whatever I could to replicate a true cream cheese sausage ball. And I think I'm finally come up with it!! 

June Adrenal Jumpstart

Our June Adrenal Jumpstart is Live!!!

Starting June 7, we’ll focus on nurturing and supporting our adrenal so we can have some extra energy…. Which let’s be honest - we all need, Right?

#hashigirl tips for establishing your healthcare team

 I was sharing with some friends the other day about a new regimen my doctor has me on for extreme tiredness.

One mentioned that she was so glad my doctor was really listening to me and helping me!

Me too!! Because unfortunately, that's not the case with a lot of women who have hashimotoes. And was my case for a while, until I learned to stand up for myself and for my health!

Can we be friends!!

Hey! My name is Marie! I'm a UGA grad (go Dawgs!), former reporter, actor and Radio Host! Even though it's not my day job anymore, one thing I can never give up, is my desire to hear and tell peoples stories. That's why I spend my days ( who am I kidding... mostly nights, because I'm a night owl!) working hard to build an online community of women supporting other women! 

My husband Scott and I live in Southwest Georgia and while it has the reputation of being "boring", we love our small town and have big dreams of helping revitalize its forgotten areas! We enjoy all things outdoors- hiking, zip-lining, kayaking, you name it (we also want to be on the Amazing Race). We have a little chihuahua named Little Bit who loves sleeping by the space heater. Come hang out with me!!!