CandyFest 2019: Finding Nemo

Our church does a community wide Candy Fest each year, and each year a group of us do group costumes:
  • 2016: Up! Scott was Doug and I was Kevin
  • 2017: Toy Story, Scott sat this one out, but I dressed up as one of the little blue aliens
  • 2018: Peter Pan, Scott dressed up as Peter and I was Wendy
  • 2019: Finding Nemo, Scott told me I owed him one after dressing up as Peter Pan, so I said OK and I went as a jelly fish!
This year we added a baby to the mix and thought Finding Nemo would be perfect! These costumes were really easy to make! All the supplies came from Amazon, Goodwill, Party City and Hobby Lobby. 

Click below to see each tutorial!

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