Congratulations! Your baby is ready to start on their solid food journey. As exciting as this time is, it can also be overwhelming. And if you've decided to go the baby led weaning route, there's a whole new level of confusion as to what items you need. I've, we got you covered. In this blog, I'll share my 5 most used kitchen items that make my life easier. 

  • Nutribullet - My first most used item is my Nutribullet. This amazing kitchen gadget has revolutionized the way I prepare Archie's food. I know that sounds a little much, but it's true!! Not only is it a time saver, it also helps to chop vegetables super fine and makes it easy to mix and blend different ingredients. This had been sitting in our cabinet for months, and now I use this one multiple times a week. 

  • Silicone Cutting Boards - Another kitchen item that will make your life easier is the silicone cutting board. They are easier to clean and take up less space than the large wood cutting boards. Plus, if it has a ruler on the side, it will make cutting food into the correct length a lot easier ( no need to hold your finger up to the food to measure to make sure it the size of an adult pinky finger). These boards come in various colors and are affordable to purchase. I got mine from Pampered Chef and love using them, but the ones linked to above would be good too. 

  • Kitchen Shears - Kitchen shears are a great tool for cutting shrimp and chicken without having to use a knife. The last thing you want is to cut your finger while preparing meals for your little one. We have one of these at the house and also carry one in Archie's restaurant bag. Trust me, cutting Chick-fil-a nuggets with shears is a whole lot easier and faster than using a fork and knife! 

  • Storage Containers - As a working mom, cooking in bulk and prepping for the week has been such a big help. Having food ready and organized helps in making things easier when it comes to mealtime. Storage containers are the perfect kitchen item to help with bulk cooking and prepping meals for your little one. They come in different sizes and shapes, keeping food fresh and accessible. You can also pack lunches for the week in these cute Bento Boxes! They hold three foods, so they are perfect dividing food for an ideal Baby Led Weaning plate. 
Having the right kitchen tools can make your baby led weaning journey a more enjoyable and positive experience. These items are just some of my most used and favorites, but definitely aren't must haves! They just make life a little easier! And, with most items costing around $10-$20, I don't feel like I'm spending an arm and a leg (Save that for the grocery store). 

So, get ready, moms. Your little one's weaning journey is about to begin, and it's going to be amazing.


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