If you follow me on Instagram, you know we are in the thick of Baby Led Weaning! I've had a few questions about it, so I thought I would share more comprehensive details here!  I'll be sharing some of my Must Have products in the days to come, but I thought we would first dive into what exactly is Baby Led Weaning (BLW).

What is Baby Led Weaning?
Baby led weaning is a feeding approach that involves allowing babies to feed themselves from the start using their hands. Unlike traditional weaning methods that rely on spoon-feeding purees and baby food, baby-led weaning is about introducing finger foods and letting the baby explore different textures and tastes at their own pace. It encourages babies to self-feed, and they can eat as much or as little as they are comfortable with.

How to Do Baby Led Weaning
When it comes to baby-led weaning, the key is to start slowly. Introduce one new food at a time and watch your baby closely for any signs of an allergic reaction. Start with soft foods cut into to strips about the size of an adult pinky finger, that are easy for your baby to pick up and hold in their hands. Ripe bananas, avocado, cooked sweet potato, and scrambled egg are all great options to start with. Gradually, you can move on to firmer foods and combination foods. 

Is Baby Led Weaning Safe?
Studies have shown, that when done properly BLW doesn't pose any higher choking risk. The program we follow recommends babies be at least 6 month of age (or 6 month adjusted age if your baby was born early) and sitting relatively on their own. 

The Best Program for Baby Led Weaning
When it comes to a baby led weaning program, there are many popular ones for parents to consider. The program we use is Baby Led Weaning by Katie Ferraro. As a Registered Dietitian and infant feeding specialist, her program is a comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap for starting solid foods safely with baby-led weaning. She bases her teachings on the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook and Guide by Gill Rapley. This book is designed to introduce parents to the philosophy of baby-led weaning and includes optimum nutrition, recipes, and meal ideas to ensure babies have a balanced and healthy diet.

Baby led weaning is a safe and natural approach to introducing solid foods to your baby. While it may seem daunting, it's a simple process that encourages your baby to explore different textures and tastes on their own, and it can establish healthy eating habits from an early age. Remember, that it’s important to start small, supervise your baby and enjoy this exciting step in their development. With a good program like the Baby Led Weaning you can be confident in providing your baby with a balanced and nourishing diet that is customized to their needs.

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