June PROMOS are here and they are so fun!!!  Picnic in style—and comfort—with Young Living’s exclusive picnic blanket and Citronella essential oil to keep annoyances at bay. After fun in the sun, massage tired muscles with a combination of Cool Azul or Kunzea and V-6.
When you’re ready to settle down for the evening, surround your family in Peace & Calming’s warm, inviting aroma as you share favorite moments from the day’s adventures.
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Essential Rewards orders:
300 PV tier: 
Retail value: $255.66
Cool Azul essential oil blend, 15 ml
Walk and roll! Planning a full day of fun? Take Cool Azul’s cooling sensation on the go by attaching an AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment to your 15 ml bottle.
Diffuse a few drops whenever you need a mid-adventure pick-me-up.
Kunzea essential oil, 5 ml
Play all day. Go ahead—join that badminton bracket! Once that battle’s over, treat tired muscles to a soothing massage with the help of Kunzea and a little V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex.
Breezy does it! Bring the freshness of the outdoors in with a diffuser blend of Kunzea and Purification®.
Peace & Calming essential oil blend, 5 ml

Let the sunshine in. When summer showers last for hours, brighten everyone’s spirits—and your spaces—with a sunny-scented blend of Peace & Calming and Citrus Fresh™ in your diffuser.

Settle in for story time. Apply Peace & Calming to the bottoms of feet before sharing stories of adventures past. Encourages deep relaxation, Great support in your bedtime routines or to support overactive children, Uplifting, Supports tension
Picnic blanket
Picnic in style! Our exclusive YL-branded picnic blanket is pack-able, durable, and totally cleanable, which means the only thing you’ll have to worry about is the weather.
Wish upon a star. When the forecast calls for a clear night, grab your picnic blanket and head outdoors for some stargazing.
+ Citronella essential oil, 15 ml
Say no to boring sunscreen. Tired of typical-smelling sunscreen? Fight the sun’s rays in a fresh, new way by adding a few drops of Citronella to your favorite sunscreen before applying.
Bring on the open-air vibes. Diffuse Citronella outside when dining alfresco to create a warm, welcoming space for family and friends.
Known for its lemony, fresh scent, Citronella is a summertime favorite that will take you straight back to grass stained knees and catching fireflies!! It is a natural addition to many porch candles, insect repellents, and sunscreens. Here a some amazing ways to add this life-saver to your everyday!

***To bring the outdoors into our cozy space add this blend to your diffuser and breath in the fresh, crisps scents of the wild →
+ Mix up a DIY outdoor spray or Citronella floating candle (https://bit.ly/2Jtb8B8) to freshen up your outdoor spaces for those backyard summer gatherings
+DIY outdoor summer spray:
5 drops Citronella,
3 drops Lemongrass,
1 drop Peppermint,
2 oz witch hazel,
2 oz water
+Add to your sunscreen or after sun routine to freshen up the scent and add moisture as well.
+Combine it with Tea Tree for strength in a natural alternative to deodorant!

250 PV tier: Retail value: $154.34
+ Kunzea, 5 ml
+ Peace & Calming, 5 ml
+ Bonus Essential Rewards: Picnic blanket
+ Bonus Essential Rewards: Citronella, 15 ml

190 PV tier: Retail value: $102.04
+ Peace & Calming, 5 ml
+ Bonus Essential Rewards: Picnic blanket
+ Bonus Essential Rewards: Citronella, 15 ml

100 PV tier: Retail value: $26.32
+ Bonus Essential Rewards: Citronella, 15 ml

One-time orders:
300 PV tier: Retail value: $255.66
+ Cool Azul, 15 ml
+ Kunzea, 5 ml
+ Peace & Calming, 5 ml

250 PV tier: Retail value: $154.34
+ Kunzea, 5 ml
+ Peace & Calming, 5 ml

190 PV tier: Retail value: $102.04
+ Peace & Calming, 5 ml

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