From Surviving to Thriving
Flourishing in the Face of Autoimmune Disease

My story isn’t different. It’s the same as hundreds of other women with autoimmune disease. But where mine takes a turn, is when I got fed up with the typical answers that I was receiving, and I decided to take an active role in my heath. Let me tell you how it all started.
I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition my sophomore year of college. Like many other women, it took seeing multiple doctors to get that diagnosis. Fast forward to my first year out of college and the thyroid disorder was given a new diagnosis-Hashimoto's disease. I was now one of the thousands of women living with an autoimmune disease. 
I went through episodes where my numbers where stable, to times when they were at the extreme. I remember one time when my numbers where on their rollercoaster ride, my doctor wanted to put me on anxiety medication (no knocking that at all! I'm currently seeing a physiatrist who has me on anxiety medication). But at this particular time, it was meant to be a quick fix and not helping me get to the root of the problem. 
My mom drove me straight to our natural pharmacist in town, and he gave me a few supplements to try as I waited for my blood work results to come back. After that, I quickly realized there were things I could do to take control of my health. I could step up. I could demand answers. I could seek out natural options to help with the root cause of my autoimmune disease. 
Since then, I’ve done a deep dive into helping my body heal from the inside out. From elimination diets, to how I clean, my personal care products, the type of water I drink, the medication I take…. Everything has made a shift towards cleaner, more natural products. Helping to give my body the best possible chance it can have to heal! 

I've spent the last five years investing in other women who have similar stories to mine. We love helping empower one another to take the next steps in our health! We’d love to have you join us!

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