Summer is here! How many of you break into a sweat just going from the house to the car? Don't tell me its just me! 

Here is an easy recipe for DIY Refresh Wipes. Keep these in your purse,  your pool or gym bag for quick pampering! Read to the end to see my budget break down! 

What you will need: 
  • Paper Towels
  • Bowl
  • Essential Oils of your choice { I used Purification because it's the ultimate secret weapon against odors and Lavender because it is a great compliment to beauty products}
  • Zip lock bag or a Portable Wet Wipe Container
  • Take 20 paper towels and cut then in half making 40 
  • Place in bowl and fill with water- just enough to cover paper towels 
  • Add Essential oils and stir water around { I used 10 drops Purification and 10 drops Lavender} 
  • Let sit for 30 minutes 
  • Take paper towels out of the bowl and ring out enough water so they aren't dripping but not enough to dry them out 
  • Store in zip lock bag or Portable Wet Wipe Container .
{ Save any remaining water to use for another batch, to put in a spray bottle or use in the diffuser}

Budget Break Down
  • Leading Refresh Wipes $4.00 for a 2 pack for 42 wipes per pack
  • DIY Wipes: $1.62 {I have enough water left over for about 2 more batches, So I could really divide that by 3 and it would come out to about $.54 per batch} 
    • Cost breakdown: 
      • Paper towels: $20 for 12 rolls, $1.67 per roll, 110 sheets,  $.015 per sheet. $.30 for 20 sheets
      • Purification Essential Oil: $15.75 for 15 ml bottle containing 300 drops, $.05 per drop, $.52 for 10 drops
      • Lavender: $24.25 for 15 ml bottle containing 300 drops, $.08 per drop, $.80 for 10 drops
If you want to see more budget friendly DIY's that will get clean ingredients into your home head over to my Instagram account!! 

Remember how I talked about using essential oils in this recipe? Not all essential oils are created equally! Thankfully, I've got the hook up and use some I know are safe for my and my family! Click the contact me button below and I'll send you all the details! 


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