When I was little, I would spend the weekends at my Granny’s house. On Friday nights, we would eat rice and tomatoes with diet Mountain Dew, watch TGIF shows and soak our feet!! To this day, I still love soaking my feet at night!!

This DIY would make the best Christmas gift!!

Pair it with a comfy slippers and a robe and check someone off your list!!

Silky Foot Soak
+ ½ cup Epsom salt
+ 2 Tbsp. rolled oats
+ 10–15 drops of your favorite topical essential oil
My favs are Lavender or PanAway
For a more festive option, I like Christmas Spirit, Cinnamon Bark, or Evergreen Essence.

Thoroughly combine ingredients and store in a glass jar. Print off this cute tag and attach it to the jar!

( here’s the thing with essential oils! They aren’t regulated. Many that say they are pure aren’t- and can cause some serious reactions to your skin!! Use high quality essential oils! Ones that you can trace back to the source! Want to learn some more?
Get my FREE class!!)


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