When my doctor told me to go gluten free I pretty much had to come home and purge our whole pantry. I have done it before, so this time around I know what I'm in for. The only difference: Last time I did gluten free was for a 3 month elimination diet. This time around, my doctor wants it to be a lifestyle change. 

In order for this gf & df lifestyle to work, I’ve got to make it easy- and that means only cooking one meal that both Scott and I will eat (and like!).

Here is something I made last week that was actually really good! Scott even said we should add it to our go-to list!

Shrimp Rotel Pasta

+ 1lb shrimp (deveined with shells and tails off)- I just used a bag of frozen shrimp, it had around 60-80 small shrimp in it)
+ 1 can of Rotel ( Mild or Original depending on heat preference)
+ 1 to 2 cups vegetable or chicken broth ( add 2 cups if you want your soup more on the soupy side, 1 cup if you want it thicker)
+ Cayenne Pepper
+ Dairy free Butter ( you can use olive oil if you prefer)
+ 2 Teaspoons minced garlic (less or more to liking)

What's great about this recipe is you can add any other meat you want- sausage, chicken, anything that would go in a jumbo or jambalaya

1) Add dairy free butter to a pan and brown shrimp; about five minutes
2) In a large pot over medium heat, add butter and garlic and simmer until fragrant
3) Add 2 cups vegetable or chicken broth and Rotel
4) Add in shrimp
5) Sprinkle with Cayenne Pepper
6) Let simmer for 30 minutes
7) Serve over gluten free rice or pasta



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