If you know me, you know I LOVE Young Livings beauty products! I've said it often that if Young Living stopped selling oils, I'd still buy from them because I love their face care system that much!

A few years ago, I attended a conference and heard Young Living member Melissa Poepping share her story! If you don't know who Melissa is, she is like the go-to Young Living beauty person!  Melissa stayed loyal to the Young Living beauty products for 3 years and didn’t see any results ( I would have given up long before that). She said she was using the right products in the wrong order. She attended a Young Living Beauty School, learned the correct way and order to use the products and noticed results within 2 weeks.

I've been sticking to the routine she shared (for the most part) since then, and I love the look of my skin! Sometimes I get relaxed and don't wash my face at night, or don't take off my makeup or moisturize and when I do- my face shows it! I thought I'd share with you her routine so you can get the skin you've wanted too!


Odd Day

Even Day


Odd Day Morning Protocol

1) Cleanse

  • Art Gentle Foaming Cleanser→ suitable for all skin types, also good for more mature skin.  Combination to dry skin (this is the one I use and I love it)

  • Orange Blossom Facial Wash→ helps brighten dull complexion, good from acne or problem skin.  Great for sensitive skin. It’s soothing to sensitive skin. Good for oily to combination skin

2) Massage/ Jade Roller

  • This helps to increase circulation and gets blood going. Increase blood flow to give you a glow. Plumps up the skin!

  • Work from the neck up

  • Melissa uses, 1 oz carrier oil, 3 Frank, 2 Myrrh, 1 Rose- she puts that in a vial with a 1 oz carrier oil. ( I like using the Essential beauty serum)

  • Take warm facial cloth and put it over face. Let it cool. ( I usually skip this part)

  • You can leave that on as a moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin, acne prone skin, or easily irritated skin you need to  wipe off because it can cause breakouts

3) Exfoliate (every other day, every 3 days)

  • Exfoliate in a circular motion, don’t rub too hard

  • You are attacking the skin pores, cleaning them out and scrubbing off dead skin and increasing the rate of dead skin cell turnover. Usually it takes 2-3 days for skin cells to fall off

  • Sugar & salt scrubs aren’t healthy for your face. If you want to make a DIY exfoliator try these two 1) Orange Face Wash with a little baking soda  or 2) Frank resins, grind up and add a little to a drop of Art Serum

  • This drops the PH of your skin. You don’t want to add anything to your skin until it reaches normal PH. Can take an 1 hour to 1.5 hours or you can use toner.

4) Toner 

  • Gets the PH back to normal, calms and soothes skin from cleaning. It also helps give the appearance of smaller pores.

  • Now you have a clean slate on skin and anything you put on will soak in

5) Moisturize  (go from lightest to heaviest that way each one can soak in. Something that is light viscosity can’t penetrate something that is thick)

  • Essential Oils or ClaraDerm 

  • Art Renewal Serum

  • Art Light Moisturizer→  Immediately want to use this so you don’t loose any of the hydration from the Art Renewal Serum. Both of these work as a primer. If you are using mineral makeup put that on within 3-5 minutes

  • Sheerlume→ depending on your skin (oily vs dry) you can also use Sheerlume or use it instead of Art Light Moisturizer

Even Day Morning Protocol

1) Cleanse

2) Massage

3) Masque ( I'll admit, I don't do the masque that much, mainly because I ran out of it. But when I did do this I really enjoyed it)

  • Art Creme Masque→ helps to moisturize and nourish skin and well as soothe, protect and tighten skin. Apply in a thin layer over entire face, leave for 20-25 minutes, remove with a moist towel. Can use masque overnight to help deepen the moisturizing effect

  • Art Beauty Masque→ features a concentrated formula designed to soothe skin and leave it feeling healthier and more radiant. Also includes a blend of orchid petals. Comes in a pouch, remove the masque from the pouch and unfold, place over entire face and remove the lining and smooth over face, leave on for 20 minutes then remove. Use this 3-4 times a week

4) Toner→ don’t have to tone after this but you can if you feel like you have residual from the masque

5) Moisturize

Evening Protocol

1) Take off Makeup

  • If you use thick makeup you will want to take most of that off too so you aren’t mixing dirt and makeup in while you're cleansing your face.  (I like to use the Mirah Cleaning Oil for this step because it doesn't tend to break me out like Coconut oil does)

2) Cleanse

3) Toner (if you need a little extra to get off makeup)

4) Focus Care

4) Essential Oils

5) Moisturize

  • Sandalwood/ Art Intensive → for dry skin. Can put it on at night for deep hydration. Can also add  Essential beauty serum. If it’s too thick for your face you can use on places like our elbow, knees, feet. This is a very thick cream.

I don’t have all the product/ Don’t have that time. What are the things i NEED to be doing.


1. Cleanse

2. Exfoliate

3. Tone

4. Restore

5. Moisturize


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